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Since 1988 Audit CNC has specialised in creative CNC re-engineered solutions to shop floor factory equipment. Audit CNC help customers get more productivity out of their current manual, NC and CNC machine tools by providing a custom re-engineered that saves both time and money.

Audit CNC machine tools are the difference between a good manual machine tool and a reliable high performance CNC machine.

We tailor CNC controls to fit any customers’ machine. We design bespoke electrical interfaces and write the software, incorporating standard CNC practices or accommodating custom controls to provide the customer with his own corporate CNC culture.

Recently, Audit CNC has developed a strong affiliation with Newburgh Engineering Ltd, which has been an extremely productive and successful relationship. With this association, we are in a strong position to build on our excellent history to develop our products and extend the services we can offer to our customers.

Our aim is continue the excellent service we provide whilst bringing new Audit products to market

"We plan to build upon the excellent history we have to create a sustainable future whilst upholding our lasting co-operation with Newburgh Engineering Limited"


If you have a solid machine with old controls, an Audit retrofit may be the solution you have been looking for. We can tailor most CNC controls to fit your machine. Our engineers can also design the electrical interface and write the software, incorporating standard CNC practices or accommodate the controls to your own corporate CNC culture.

Audit can provide on-site training for maintenance supervision, troubleshooting and general maintenance. Once we have finished the retrofit and production begins with the new controls fitted, Audit will always be available to answer any questions or queries you may have and when necessary can provide a technician to you on-site.

The benefits of a retrofit should not be over looked:

  • A retro CNC controller can offer the same amount of benefits as a brand new machine but save you £100,000's.
  • Costs will be eliminated since the retrofit takes place on the factory floor.
  • All our new controls are remote access so providing online help anywhere in the world.
  • New machines tend not to be as reliable as older ones, your existing machine may have more years left in it than a new one!
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