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  • Minimum disruption to your job floor - unlike other retrofits you do not lose the machine for several weeks or months. In fact, it stays exactly where it is.
  • Conditions of lathe bed is immaterial as all the accuracy is within our new slides.
  • Maintain use of existing jigs & fixtures - a large expense to replace for a new machine tool.
  • The converted lathe is now a slant bed for maximum swarf removal.
  • Our open designs mean easy access for routine maintenance.

What about threadcutting?

We install a high resolution encoder on the lathe spindle which enables all types of threadform to be produced. Indeed, one of the best applications for our system has been the conversion of hollow spindle lathes for cutting Hydril, VAM and API threads on oil pipe.

I have an exceptionally large, small, strange lathe, etc. Is it suitable?

Give us a challenge! We've converted over 70 different types including DSG, Ward, Herbert, Churchill, Warner Swazey, Mazak, Tos, Colchester ......

What about long bed lathes?

These are often used for machining critical end detail on long components such as hydraulic cylinders, threaded pipe, etc. In this case we can mount a short two axis unit to the lathe saddle where it can be positioned anywhere along the bed to suit different length components. Strange idea - but we've already proved it out many times over - it works!

What controls do you use?

Industry standard controls that are supported world-wide - the Vickers A2100, Fanuc 21i, Allen Bradley 9/230, Osai 10 series and the 8601. We are approved retrofitters for all these leading companies.

What options are there?

We fit manual quick change toolposts, bi-directional indexing turrets, spindle control, C-axis swarf conveyors, barfeeds, hydraulic/pneumatic chucks, work handling systems, probing, etc. Our modular approach means that you can order what you need now, and upgrade later.

Vertical Lathes

With their large, heavy castings, these machines are ideal for a retrofit from Audit CNC Machine Tools.

We can upgrade your manual machine to CNC, or change an outdated CNC controller for the latest in ease-of-use technology from Vickers, Fanuc or others.

This results in:
  • Massively reduced downtime.
  • Far easier program writing and checking using on-board graphics and guided help function.
  • Huge savings compared to the price of a new machine!
  • Your productivity can also be substantially improved by the addition of an automatic tool turret. We have a range available which can also suit your existing toolholders.
  • The slides can be re-ground if required, but if you're happy with your machine mechanics then that's even more money saved. Money from your bottom line.

Machining Centres

Cincinnati upgrade Audit offer Cincinnati upgrades from Big Blue and 850 controls to the latest state of the art A2100 touch screen pendant control.

On both VC and HC versions of Cincinnati's long running quality machines.

Options Include:
  • Control only upgrade.
  • Control drives + motors + mechanical drive overhaul.
  • Full refurbishment.
Work can be completed at customers site or full refurbishment at our Durham works. Collaboration with Vickers from initial concept to commissioning gives us the edge on a truly successful upgrade.

Upgrading Existing 'Audits'

1. Full Refurbishment

Contrary to popular belief, our Audits don't quite last forever, but their life can be massively extended with a full refurb. Many of your machines have been double or triple shifted for 10 years or more. With a full refurb, we can turn the clock back to when they were first delivered.

The Audit is removed from the lathe and brought to our Durham works. Stripped to its component parts, the slideways will be re-ground and re-Turcited, internal and external harnesses will be replaced, lubrication system cleaned and repaired, and backlash removed from the ballscrews, etc. In short, everything we need to do to ensure another 10 - 15 years life.

2. Turret Upgrades

Upgrade you manual toolpost or worn-out turret to one of our new Pragati turrets. Available in 8 or 12 position, their unique Geneva cam mechansim means less moving parts and greater realiability. Solidly constructed, we can supply a range of standard & special tool discs to suit every application.
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