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Tool turrets for CNC Lathes

We make turrets in various sizes. Major models are BTP-125 BTP-100 BTP-80 BTP-63 and BTP-50. 8 or 12 indexing positions. Quick indexing. Fully electrical operation. ±2" Repeat positioning accuracy.We also make small center height turrets and Vertical axis Square turrets.


Tool Disc's for CNC Lathes

We make tool disc's to suit Pragati turrets as well as other make turrets. We make VDI tool disc's and VDI tool holders. We also make polygonal tool disc's and suitable tool holders.


Power Chucking Cylinders

We make power chucking cylinder of various types. With built-in safety valve, without safety valve. With through bore, with solid center.


Automatic Tool Changers (ATC)

We make Automatic Tool Changers for machining centers. Magazine and Chain type tool changers are available. ATC's are available in various models suitable for BT-30 BT-40 and BT-50 tools. We offer ATC's with 20,24,30,40 and 60 tool pockets.


Index Tables for Machining centers and SPM's

These index tables have been developed on the lines of our highly successful BTP series of turrets. Features include three piece coupling, electrical operation and encoder feedback.


Pragati Turrets & Tooling

Pragati Turrets We are proud to be the sole importer of Pragati products in the UK. If your old turret is getting you down or you would like to upgrade from a manual toolpost, we can help. Pragati products are expertly engineered but at a substantially reduced price to other quality manufacturers.

Products include:

Bi-Directional Tool Turret: A range of 5 models of rugged turrets to handle different power requirements.

These models feature 3-piece, face gear coupling (allows tool disc to be indexed without lifting and ensures high repeat positioning accuracy/rigidity) and a 'Parallel index' cam mechanism (allows fast and smooth indexing of heavy tool discs. Computer generated cam profiles ensure shock-free indexing action).

Power handling capacity at cutting speed V and tool overhang R:

Turret Model Spindle Power P (kW) Tool Overhang (mm) Cutting Speed V (m/min)
BTP-125 40.0 240 100
BTP-100 28.0 200 100
BTP-80 13.0 180 100
BTP-63 6.0 150 100
BTP-50 6.0 100 100

Extra Low Center Height Model BTP-40.

This has a different mechanical construction as compared to the above higher center models. BTP-40 employs a 2-piece coupling; so that the tool disc lifts during indexing. These turrets can be easily mounted on the table of "linear indexing" type chuckers, which increase the tool handling capacity of these lathes. Problems of tool interference with rotating chuck or workpiece are also solved.

Vertical Tool Turrets.

The following is one of our Vertical Tool Turrets. These are electrically operated Uni.-directional turrets, and are available in 2 models VTP-250 and VTP-200. These are available with 4 or 6 indexing positions. Three piece coupling allows indexing without lifting.

Other products include: Hydraulic Copy Turning attachments & systems for special purpose machines and lathes, Hydraulic power actuators with rotary joint for Chucking applications

Copy Turning Attachments.

Copying slides are made in two varieties : Standard and Heavy duty. Standard Models CAT-130, CAT-80 and CAT-55. Heavy duty models CAT-175 and CAT-125. A variety of supporting equipments like hydraulic power pack, master holder etc. are available.

Power Chucking Cylinders, with Rotary Joint.

Available in 2 varieties
1. Models P-140, P-110, P-80, P50 and P-30
2. Models PS-150 and PS-130. Models of PS series are fitted with built-in safety valve.Coolant collector is standard with these models
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